In the World…


Make a connection between one of the texts we have read this year and the world

Out of the texts we have read so far this year, I think that Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson shows a lot of relevance to what goes around in the world. In this novella, Dr. Jekyll has to take care to hide the things that are looked down upon by society in order to maintain a good reputation and a healthy image of himself to those around him; this is why he takes up his evil persona, Mr. Hyde, so that he can do things that he normally couldn’t and get away without having to feel the guilt. The Victorian Era was especially stringent on the appearance of proriety and behaving in the correct ways. Even now, this still applies. In our world, we go by this rule of having to look good in front of our peers and hiding all of our faults and downfalls from them. If we don’t hide them, we never know what’s going to happen. In the novella, after Mr. Hyde committed terrible deeds, he would be hounded by everyone and hated by all the people. In the world today, this is still the same. We make one mistake, and this can end up being fatal. I guess we all may have times when we could just have our own evil persona and do whatever we want in that form and come back to our normal selves and go on normally with our lives without any consequences.


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