You know you go to KIS when…


1. you check your powerschool on a daily basis.

2. you’re on facebook 24/7.

3. you’re on msn 24/7.

4. you’re on skype 24/7

5. you’re on iChat 24/7.

6. you complain about KIS all the time.

7. you procrastinate like crazy.

8. you sleep at 3 on a regular basis.

9. you realize how broke you are after you buy the expensive lunches

10. a GPA of 3.8 is AVERAGE

11. your legs are buff from walking up the stairs.

12. you have dark circles on your face.

13. you stay up the whole night on Sunday.

14. you get addicted to stupid games.

15. your only hope is facebook.

16. you check wikispaces.

17. you ask if people have a macbook charger.

18. you have a B in P.E.

19. you watch live basketball games during class.

20. you sleep during silent reading.

21. you need to start wearing make up.

22. you wait in those long lines for food.

23. everything you eat tastes like ketchup. because it is all ketchup.

24. everyday is boring as hell.

25. you want to go back to where ever you’re from.

26. you start getting pale.

27. all you do at a dance is stand around and eat.

28. you have no school spirit.

29. you get a pink shirt for the class t-shirt.

30. a chicken is your mascot.

31. you’re e-mail is spammed by the college counselor.

32. you become pro at making movies from all the movie projects.

33. you get fat from eating all the ddokbbokki and cookies and all that junk at the school sports games.

34. you’re stuck in hagwon 24/7.

and more to comeee



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