A Cultural Problem


Recently, I’ve been having this new dilemma. Yes, it’s going to sound a little stupid, but deal with it. So like last, last Sunday, I met this guy at my church, and our small group teacher had us all exchange numbers with him and gave us a “mission” to get to know him by texting with him. A few hours after service ended, he texted me first. At first, it was pretty fun. I love getting to know new people, and this guy was really nice and interesting to talk to.

But then… he started getting on my nerves. He was texting me NONSTOP. If I stopped texting for five minutes, he’d text me again. He talked about the randomest topics, asked me out on a date, and kept asking me to send him pictures. He sent me pictures of himself, and I’m just like, are all Korean guys like this? They’re so different from the guys I’m used to. And just on Friday, he was like getting mad at me because I wasn’t texting back, and even when I ignored his text, he texted me again on Sunday. The story’s too long to write all on here, but anyway, it really bothered me so I asked my friend for some advice since she’s gone out with Korean guys before. She told me that almost all Korean-Korean guys were just like that, and my other friend who was there immediately agreed. Then, just yesterday, he texted me again. WHAT THE EFF?!

I’m sure not ALL Korean-Korean guys are like that, but in conclusion, the majority are, and we need to do something about this problem. We can’t let our future boys grow up, acting like socially-retarded stalkers.


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