The Thing About Korea…


A lot of Korean people want to get away from Korea; seriously, they do their best to get the hell out of here and fly over to some “amazing” place like America. They think America is THE BOMB, where everyone has the opportunity for a great life and great education, and just EVERYTHING is wonderful. I’m not going to lie; it is better in so many ways. From where I lived, there was WAY better weather, WAY better shopping, and everything was just more clean. There was also more freedom; the kids were… just more chill and relaxed? They were a lot of well-balanced people, people who studied and knew how to have fun at the same time. And no doubt, the education WAS better. Obviously, I miss my homies and just MY HOME! But, honestly, Korea’s not THAT bad.

Number one thing I like about Korea: the nightlife! It’s so exciting! At 9 p.m., the streets of places like Gangnam are still teeming with people! Every shop, cafe, and restaurant is open, and bright lights everywhere. Perhaps it’s because I’m from the suburbs, but I never fail to find this kind of atmosphere exhilarating.

Another thing I ABSOLUTELY ADORE about Korea: THE FOOD ❤ Oh my, I could go on and on about the food forever… Everywhere we go, food is… well… EVERYWHERE! 포장마차s(just stands where they sell food) tempt me from all angles, from all directions. Warm, yummy, delicious-looking junk so accessible! Korea also offers a variety of foods, especially BREAD. Cafes everywhere and bakeries… Paris Baguette, Paris Croissant, oh my! I love them all.

Yes, this may seem shallow, but there’s other reasons to love Korea too.

Guys, let’s have some Korean pride 😀


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