Another one of my numerous obsessions: pasta. Am I talking about just the regular Italian food? Yes and no. Yes, I have been craving pasta a LOT these days. But what is the reason behind this all-of-a-sudden craving? I blame it all on the Korean drama 파스타, which is the Korean way to say “PASTA.”

I just started this drama last Friday night. It was the first night of spring break, but I had nothing to do… At first, I just watched up to episode 3. I thought it was cute and all, but hadn’t fallen in love.. JUST YET. The next day, I stayed up till 5 in the morning, watching all the way up to episode like 10?

I always find myself criticizing Korean dramas, but for some reason, “Pasta” just… leaves me so happy all the time! Why so? I mean, almost all Korean dramas are somewhat same with their icky, way-too-idealist romantic plots. For some reason, the “love” part in this drama is just… so cute!!!! Honestly, the main girl’s not really that pretty… and the main guy character is kind of rude and seriously bad-tempered. But then at the same time, THEY JUST REALLY COMPLEMENT EACH OTHER AND IT’S SO CUTE IT MAKES ME WANNA SCREAM! It probably has to do with all the food too. They make so much pasta in this drama… and it looks IRRESISTIBLE. Vongole was made frequently and mentioned a lot in this drama because this dish was the one that the main girl character masters how to cook it well.

It also helps that two of my favorite K-pop songs are in the OST for this drama. OH, and I almost forgot, but of course Alex! For the people who don’t know, he’s a Korean singer. I haven’t finished this drama, but I SHALL SOON. It’s kinda getting… somewhat dragging-it-on these days, but it’s still my FAVE. ❤


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