A Memory…


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So this USED to be a song that I literally listened to 24/7. If you look on my iTunes, it’ll say that I have listened to this song exactly 451 times, not counting the times that I might have listened to it on youtube or people’s iPods. Why did I listen to this song so much? I have no clue. I wish I had some knowledge in psychology to answer this question. I don’t know, I remember something vaguely about how I was having some issues with romance. AHAHA HOW LAME, but it’s the truth. This song, somehow made me feel better, because I get it kind of expressed how I feel. I think that’s the issue with all the songs I get obsessed with; they all seem to have some connection with my life at that moment. Even still, when I feel somewhat sad because of romantic issues, I listen to “Officially Missing You.” NO SURPRISE. But it’s not just the lyrics or the mood of this song; it also has to do with the artist. Her voice is so nice, so calming, and I guess that’s why is just has this really peaceful, soothing effect on me and cheers up my heart. This is a song I seriously never get sick of.


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