So you think you can dance??


The dance showcase, performed by members of the KIS Dance Club, is coming up soon; it’s going to be at the end of April! So now, we’re starting to really focus on choreographing the dances and deciding what to do. Now, I’ve been in the club since last year second semester, and one of our main thanggg is hip-hop. On Monday, we were making a list of what songs our club members were going to do, and I noticed how most of the dance routines were hip-hop and what me and my friends would just call “sexy” dances.

This is one of our hip-hop dances from last year’s showcase:

Our hip-hop routines may be… not as pro, but we still try :]

One of the good things about hip-hop dance is that it can be mostly freestyle. However, hip-hop dance can be categorized somewhat into three main styles: break dancing, locking, and popping. But then there’s also more to it like krumping and jerking. Now break dancing is the form of hip-hop that most people know. It can include some advanced tumbling like back tucks, freezing in a pose usually with your hands, toprock (doing complicated footwork while standing up), and downrock, which uses footwork while on the floor using hands. Popping is like contracting and relaxing your muscles with speed in order to create a sense of jerking your body. Locking can be somewhat similar, but it’s distinctive in that it uses a freezing motion.

Hip-hop dance incorporates so many cool moves, and when really talented people can do the moves correctly in unison, the sight is just breathtaking. In America’s Best Dance Crew, some really skilled dance groups come out, and my two favorite are Kaba Modern and Quest Crew. These two are probably my favorites because they’re both from California, near where I used to live. But that’s not the only reason. These dance groups are pretty amazing; they can pass off almost any type of music and dance. But OF COURSE, their main focus is hip-hop, and they incorporate really advanced break dancing moves to fit in with their routine. Their creativity is just so out of this world, and when they were competing on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, their dances seemed to almost tell a story.

Just watching these people dance leaves me speechless and mesmerized, wishing and dreaming and hoping that one day, I can be like that too.


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