Music is a BIG part of who I am, and this playlist I have made up right here is full of songs that are special to me and also help define what kind of person I am.

I added “Tik Tok,” “I Know You Want Me,” “Watcha Say,” and “Down” because they were songs that we used during our Cheer halftime routine and also for our KAIAC competition. We have practiced sooooo many times that these songs have become a BIG part of me. The dance moves to these songs have just been really embedded into my brain, and I don’t think I can ever get them out.

The songs by Alicia Keys… they sort of symbolize all the hard times in my life. When I moved to Korea in my freshmen year, I always listened to “If I Ain’t Got You,” “No One,” and “Like You’ll Never See Me Again.” Even now, when I’m feeling sad, I listen to these songs, and they just manage to somehow cheer me up a little.

The other songs also have meanings to themmm, but I’m too lazy to talk about all of them. 😛


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