So today was a somewhat interesting day. I had lost a kilo so I was ecstatic! And then I thought, “Oh my, I MUST CELEBRATE!” and that is exactly what I did. For breakfast, I had fried egg, quesadilla, strawberry-banana smoothie, and a variety of fruits. Then I went over to a friend’s house where we ate cake and muffins, WHICH WERE DELICIOUS. Thank the Lord for whoever invented cake and muffins! An hour later, we went to a Chinese fusion restaurant where we ate some GOOD Chinese and Korean Chinese food. Thank the Chinese people for making such yummy food too.


Anyway, unfortunately, that day, I gained the kilo back. It’s okay. IT WAS WORTH IT.

But then at the same time, I started thinking: “All this junk that I ate today… It can NOT be good for me.” According to dictionary.com, junk food means “Prepackaged snack food that is high in calories but low in nutritional value.” It’s basic knowledge that we must limit our intake of junk food, since it’s obviously high in fat, sugars, trans fat, and what not. However, THEY ARE SO HARD TO RESIST, especially when we must constantly see McDonald’s and Pizza Hut everywhere we go. Also, in Korea, they have stores like Family Mart block and in every subway station; how can we resist the bar of chocolate to cheer us up as we endure a long subway ride? Our citizens must also try to shake off marketeers with their scheming marketing strategies to lure us into eating their junk. WHY MUST THE WORLD BE SO CRUEL?

But people, ESPECIALLY ME, must and should control the intake of junk food. According to this article “Addicted to Junk Food” from this link (http://www.thetrumpet.com/index.php?q=1598.645.75.0),  fast food junk food stimulate the release of hormones called opioids in our brains. These opioids create effects similar to those produced by cocaine. Our harmful snacks may even cause changes in our gene expressions! Although we simply eat fast food and junk food for our pleasure, these seemingly-innocent foods may seriously jack up our system, and therefore, we must not be seduced by them.



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