Vans TEEHEE <3



In 7th grade, I bought my first two pairs of Vans: a pair of flats with blue polka dots and slip-ons. Slip-ons are a Vans classic, and mine were checkered with grey and black squares. But then at first, I wasn’t really crazy about these shoes. I wore them a lot, but I failed to see what other people thought was so great about them. In 8th grade, I barely wore my two pairs of Vans and, instead, was often found wearing my Converse sneakers. However, during my freshmen year, when I was at a loss to decide on what shoes to wear during my first winter in Korea, I bought another pair of Vans (called “Authentic” in navy blue). For the rest of that winter, I found my path again in wearing Vans. I soon got another pair and these were once again checkered.

And then, over the summer, I got FOUR new pairs! Three of them are in the Authentic style and I got them in pink, black, and white with purple and pink stripes. The remaining pair is a simple slip-on with brown and white checkers. I was so happy and I treasure these shoes with all my heart.

I don’t have my blue vans in here because I’m using it as my P.E. shoes so they’re in my locker. TEEHEE


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