So these days, I’ve been gaining weight… a LOT of weight. In one week, I gained… I’m not going to say.

Consequently, I don’t exactly feel good about myself right now. I feel sort of depressed and this got me thinking, why do girls have to care so much about their weight? Or maybe it’s just me. Actually, I know it’s not just me. There are plenty of people out there with worse body images than I have of myself. But still, I feel as if girls get so much pressure to stay skinny.

Obviously, everyone knows that girls these days are getting a lot of exposure to the media and see those skinny, beautiful models on every cover. We see celebrities who have “THE HOT BODY” and constantly tell ourselves, “I MUST LOOK LIKE THAT. I MUST WORK MY A** OFF TILL I CAN LOOK LIKE THAT!”

However, girls don’t just get pressured from magazines and media; they get pressure from… WELL EVERYWHERE. For my Multi-Genre Project, I researched on how women of the 21st century are very into dieting, and along the way, I found a lot of information on other things related to women’s dieting. For many girls, even their moms pressure them into dieting and at times, even dads may comment on our physical self. Of course, moms mean no harm. Why would they? They love their daughters. That’s why they say those words: “Honey, I think you need to lose some weight.” They think it’s good advice, and for some people, it may be. At the same time, however, these words can be hurtful. Also, these words don’t just come from moms and dads; they can come out in harsher ways… from other people outside of our families.

And in real life, when guys look for a girlfriend, they’re actually not that picky about the body. But then guys give that false impression that they care a lot. Well, a lot of shallow guys WILL actually care about the body, but in reality, not THAT many guys put that as a top requirement. Unfortunately, many of us females do fall for the false belief, leading to a life full of insecurity.

It’s impossible for average people to have bodies like that. Celebrities get their own personal trainers and taking care of their bodies is a part of their jobs. The whole point of models is to sell the clothes, so they must look as gorgeous and stunning as possible. So… in conclusion, society needs to back off, and we, females, should be proud of ourselves for who we are. We should not give into the unrealistic demands of the world and show that beauty is not just based on our bodies.


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