Cheerleading IS A SPORT YOU GUYS


Some people tell me, “Cheerleading is not a sport.” But WHAT DO THEY KNOW?!

If they knew anything about cheer, they would know that it is one of the most fun and important sports EVER. But even more than just the fun, cheerleading does require athleticism. I suspect that a lot of people just think of cheerleading as girls in skirts dancing and shaking their pom poms, but this is a totally inaccurate representation.

There’s stuff like tumbling and stunts, and these require a LOT of strength. Those back-handsprings, lib extensions, twist down dismounts… well our squad is PRETTY far from performing as well as those girls, but still, simple stunts and tumbling also demand for power and skill. A lot of people don’t know about these aspects of Cheerleading. Stunting is really fun, but it requires the cooperation of everyone; if one person messes up, nothing goes up and it’s just a failure. The bases need to focus on getting the flyer up, and the flyer needs to focus on locking her body and going up. Even the backspot contributes by doing the counts and helping the flyer to get up. And as for tumbling, even a simple cartwheel can be quite hard. In order to do a roundoff or back-handspring, we need to get over our fears and lock our arms. This is easier said than done. Another hard part of cheerleading is the jump! All of our jumps, like toe-touches, pikes, herkies, hurdlers, all require some major abs. Jumping high up in the air, stretching out our legs as far as we can, and landing gracefully isn’t an easy job.

One of the most important things about cheer is that the whole squad needs to stay in unison. To reach the point, our squad had to practice till 6 for the last two weeks before our KAIAC competition. During this period of time, I seriously wanted to die and said I hated cheer everyday.

But of course, I didn’t mean it. I love our squad ❤ At first, we had a lot of complaints, even about each other, but towards the end, we became like a family and did all sorts of crazy things together. Our love of food and acting like losers all brought us closer together. From getting third place at KAIAC to our crazy sleepover at a hotel suite to doing community service, our cheer squad has come a long way. They were a HUGE part of what made cheer worth it.


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